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26 May 2020 + a Little

26 May 2020 + a Little

26 May: I talked with my parents on Skype today.  They are doing fine but still would like for me to move back to Texas.  They have been trying to get me to move back for about 9 years now.  Sometimes I think I should.  I know that I cannot do much for them except maybe give them a ride places.  I do have 3 sisters and a brother still in the area plus many nieces and nephews.  Yeah, I’m the oldest but, I like I said, there really isn’t much I could do that they cannot.  Still it’s something I think about everyday.  Maybe as Lita and I get older it will seem more appealing.

Mango Lounge now makes their own taco shells.  They are better than the ones they have been buying at Metro, when they have them at Metro.  I guess they will not have to rely on Metro anymore.  That’s good for them and good for us because I like their new tacos better.  They also can do taco salad and nachos.  I think burritos could be next.  So far only a few of us have been able to experience the new tacos because of COVID-19 and the limited number of visitors that go there at this time.  Hopefully the beginning of June will bring new customers and a bit more normalcy to the area.

My bar speaker for the TV that I ordered from Lazada arrived a couple of days ago.  I have not been able to hook it up because I had to order the cable to connect it to the TV separately and it has not arrived yet.  As I suspected, the last thing shipped out was the first thing I received.  Why would I think such a thing?  Because the speaker was delivered by LBC and the rest of my items are being delivered by Ninja Van Services.  They are always slower and sometimes cannot even find my house.  I did read that they started making deliveries again last week.  I also sent them an e-mail letting them know I had 3 deliveries ready to be delivered to me, according to the tracking information.  I hope that they will all be delivered at the same time so I don’t have to worry about them not finding my house again and my items get returned.

Time to go to Mango again.  Lita ordered her tacos for 3:00.  I’ll be there playing dominoes.  I lost 6 of 9 yesterday, but won 5 of 9 the day before.  It’s my day to win.  I like the competition now instead of before when I was winning almost every game.  I’d still rather play Moon or even 42.  I hardly ever had to play the regular block game, but so far I have not convinced everyone else to really learn Moon or 42.  Maybe soon.

No too good with dominoes today.  I lost 6 of 10 games.

Lita left me 2 of the 6 tacos I ordered for her.  I know she didn’t eat 4 of them so she must have given at least 2 of them away to some of the relatives.

27 May (AM): We had some lettuce that was starting to get brown.  Lettuce is not so cheap here so I didn’t want to waste it.  I made a salad with hamburger meat, lettuce, tomatoes and (a little) cheese.  Of course I had to use the dressing that they use at Mango Lounge because I no longer can eat any other dressing beside that.  I used to love 1000 Island, but it doesn’t compare to this new one.  Plus the Mango dressing is good for you.  Weird huh?  Something that tastes good and is good for you.  Lita also likes it and she had a salad this morning also.

I will be going to Mango again today.  Lita has already informed me that she would like tacos again today.  It seems that the tacos/taco salad are already popular.  Mango ran out of ground beef and he needs to get some more today.  Our domino date will be a little delayed today while he is shopping for the restaurant.

I may be starting the next post on the afternoon of today, if something interesting happens.  Also, Lita and I are discussing our plans for the upcoming Balikbayan trip.  I’ll have some details on that as we figure out what we are going to do.  It may be a lot different than normal this time around.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. I’ve read all your recent posts I think. My parents have both passed quite a while back, but if they were still around I think they’d be campaigning to get me back to the USA also.

    I’ve been here going on 14 years now and I seldom have much cause for regret, but I still get tugs on my heartstrings to move back to the USA often.
    you can too.
    I hope, whatever you decide that the decision will happen soon and will make you happy. I can be happy anywhere, and I am sure

    • I do miss my parents, son, grandsons and Texas. I think I can live anywhere, if it’s just me. It’s not just me though. We’ve been in the PI 10 years this month. Time has flown by. If I could afford to do 6 months here and 6 months there, I would. I wasn’t smart enough with my money when I was younger and I really don’t have enough to do it now. I’m leaning more towards staying here because I can actually save money. I don’t think so in Texas. We’ll see though. Hopefully I’ve still got several years before it becomes a big problem.

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