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11 June 2020

11 June 2020

This information is from 8 June.  I forgot I started it already and started another post, which I have already posted.

Today my walking partner decided he needed a break.  He is not used to walking so much and we really do not have to walk EVERYDAY.  I think I will walk today without him though.

I did walk by myself.  It took almost 1 hour for me to finish that walk.  I only stopped once, to get a small bottle of water (p10/.20).  I have no idea how far my walk was but maybe I can get it measured so I will know for reference.  I always say that I’m going to lose weight and I always find an excuse to get out of it.  I think that “maybe” if I make it public, I’ll be less inclined to quit.  So that’s what I’m going to do, on here.

This morning before my walk I weighed myself to see where I stand.  I weighed less than I thought I did.  I guess my recent attempts to lose have not all been in vain.  I weighed 307.85 pounds (139.3 kilos).  My immediate goal is to change the “3” to a “2”.  After that I’ll start working on the tens spot of the number, 9 down to 8, down to 7 and eventually down to 1.  I figure my ideal weight is between 210 and 220 so I’ll shoot for 215 and see how I feel.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how I’m doing on here.  Feel free to criticize me if I falter.  I hope that you all knowing and waiting on the results will be an extra incentive for me to keep pushing to lose a lot of this useless fat.

Starting new information after 9 June.

Sometimes I feel I am getting smaller and sometimes I feel I’m bloating.  I refuse to weigh until Saturday though.  It’s 11 June here so only 2 more days until my first weigh in.  I’m nervous about it because I really want it to be lower.  I have been trying.  Maybe I could have tried harder with less eating, but I want to see how much, if any, I lose eating the way I normally do but exercising and no beer.

I think that next month I will begin again my monthly trip to the hospital to get my blood sugar checked.  It was doing very good so I hope it still is doing the same.  Being a big guy, that’s something I worry about.  As far as I know, my blood pressure is the biggest concern I need to worry about.  I have medication for that.  Of course, I figure that if I exercise and lose weight, then I won’t have to worry about that blood pressure anymore or the gout.

I played dominoes yesterday at Mango again.  I won 3 of 4 games.  Today I won 6 of 10 games.  Several of the games today were very close.  I’m talking the loser needing less than 20 points to win.  Two or three times the loser only need 5 points to win.  It gets intense.

Mango Lounge did open back up today.  The have to go through the temperature and cleansing procedure before you can go in.  Also seating is limited because you have to adhere to the 1 meter rule.  It’s a step in the right direction though.  Still no beer is allowed to be sold yet.

Lita is watching more and more movies these days.  She watches 4 to 6 movies every day.  I think all the movies I have given her to watch are between 1 and 2 hours each, but still, all that movie watching adds up over a weeks time. She’s happy with it though, so I’ll keep supplying her with as many as I can get from YouTube and whatever other place I can find them.  She only wants the ones in color, so that eliminates a lot of the older series I could get.

I walked again this morning with Mark and his girlfriend.  She came along in case he got too tired and need to turn back. I could keep going and he’d have someone to walk back with.  He did well today though.  I think after tomorrow he is ready to expand our walking route.  I’ll try to get him a little bit closer to the 1/2 way point of the route that I explained at the beginning of this post.  Of course if he walks 1/2 way, then when he walks back, it’s the full route.  I still have no clue how far it is.  I’m just glad to be back out there walking instead of just sitting here at the house.  I think that when we expand our route a couple more times, he’ll be ready for that route.  Then we’ll have to do a longer route.  I already have one in mind.  I just have to get them measured so I’ll know how far it is.

Salamat Y’all


  1. You can use the little app with Goog;eMaps to measure your walks. It’s pretty useful. Happy walking.

    • Thanks It looks like we walked just under 2 miles this morning. On Monday when we start again we have a new route and it will be approximately 2.3 miles.

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