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12 June 2020

12 June 2020

I have no idea the validity of this video, but it says that the US should be coming back to Subic Bay here in the Philippines.  It still needs to be approved, but recently the Philippine Navy rejected a agreement that President Duterte agreed to with the Chinese government to take over Subic.  Check out the video.  It looks like the US and Australia will be here, employing over 30,000 Filipinos.  Going Back To Subic Bay.  If it is true, I wonder if Space-A travel will go along with it out of Subic?  They didn’t have it before, but I was just wondering.  That is when Space-A travel is reinstated.

Today Lita and I are having steak, courtesy of Mango Lounge.  Steak and mashed potatoes for us both.  Lita is also having sauteed mushrooms and I’ll get coleslaw, I hope.  The steaks are probably cooking right now.  Lita wants to eat it here at the house, but I’m okay with that.  I will have a couple of bottles of water with it.  Lita will probably drink Coke.

Neneng just showed up with the masks I had made.  I had 5 of them made for only P20 each.  Nothing fancy, but I made sure I told them “No Pink”.  I ended up with 2 yellow, 2 green and 1 blue.  All solid colors.  She’s washing them for me now.  I don’t know why she’s washing them when they are brand new, but I guess she has a reason.  It’s fine.  I don’t need them at the moment.  I was asked if I wanted 10 but I’m optimistic and hope this whole thing will be over before I can use 10 mask.  Even 5 masks may be too many.  I don’t wear masks that often because I am in the house most of the time.  There are some people that just wear a mask all the time.  It keeps out the diesel fuel fumes I guess.  I know I don’t like smelling those buses when they go by covered with smoke.

Our steaks were cooked and have now been eaten.  Lita says that she hopes we can have a steak every Saturday.  I told her, “Tomorrow is Saturday”.   LOL!  She meant starting next Saturday.  We’ll see if that’s doable.  Maybe every 2nd Saturday is more of a possibility.  It was a good meal and for mine I wouldn’t change a thing for the next time.  Lita liked hers also so I doubt she would want to change much, if anything at all.

Today, 12 June, is Philippines Independence Day.  They didn’t have any parties or anything because of COVID-19 but I normally do not see too many parties anyway.

I have Lita watching McClintock right now.  She doesn’t watch too many John Wayne movies but I’m trying to get her used to him. 

I went in there to watch it with her.  She liked it.

I’ve decided that I’m going to weigh in after I exercise and shower tomorrow instead of before exercising.  I still feel like something is happening weight wise but I’m so big that it’s hard to tell for sure.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning around 8 am (11.5 hours from now).  Stay tuned.

Salamat Y’all

Texan in the Philippines