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24 June 2020 and Pissed

24 June 2020 and Pissed

I’m still walking in the mornings and still trying hard to lose weight.  I’m not being perfect but I’m not going overboard either.  I’m not on any special diet I just eat less of what I normally do.  Maybe I push it a little bit at times but, so far, I’m still losing weight.  I also wonder if I lost weight all through the week and right up to the time I step on that scale.  I want to weigh more often but I’m afraid if it goes up I will get discouraged.

You know something very cool?  Watch the reaction videos on YouTube especially the ones that are listening to people like The Carpenters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beth Hart, Dimash Kudaibergen, The Righteous Brothers or 4th Impact for the first time.  It really blows their minds that people can sing (or play in Stevie Ray’s case) so well.  A couple of other things I like about the reaction videos is youngsters listening to “our music” from back in the day and saying that it is so much better than the music nowadays (which is true).  Also people listening to some country music for the first time and realize that it really is pretty good even though they have listened to only Hip Hop or Rap their whole lives.

I actually took 2 naps today before 1 pm.  The 2nd one has because I just simply should not have woken up from the first one so soon.  It was easy to go back to sleep.  I’m still yawning though.  It’s strange.

Last night I ate the leftover steak and mashed potatoes.  No gravy for the potatoes but I did add some pico de gallo that Neneng made.  We have quite a bit of that and I will be using it on just about everything for probably the next week.  I really like eating pico de gallo.

I’m still downloading movies, mostly for my wife to watch.  Most of them are the westerns she likes, but I slip another one in every now and then.  Today I found the old western series “The Guns of Will Sonnett”.  I record the whole first season for her, I hope she likes it.  It looks like there were only 2 seasons of them but it’s enough to keep her happy for a little while anyway.  I’ll see if I can find anymore “colorized” old westerns.  She only wants the colorized ones because she says the black & white hurts her eyes.  Whatever!  I’ll look for all the colorized ones I can find.  Any suggestions?  I’ll look for newer western movies also.

And now the pissed part.  This 960G hard drive has been nothing but trouble since I’ve got it.  I finally got lots of movies loaded on it and today when I plugged it in it says I must format it before I can use it.  I’ve already lost some movies because I trusted this thing to work like it’s supposed to.  After it started working well and I loaded all the movies, now it does this shit.  I’m not sure what I can do at this point.  I heard that maybe getting a new cover for it will help but I’m not sure and I’m pretty ticked off at this thing right now.  I’m going to have to figure out someway to save my movies, including all my John Wayne movies.  Any suggestions from an expert out there?

Salamat Y’all

Texan in the Philippines