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Unique Week 7 Weigh-In

Unique Week 7 Weigh-In

Recently I’ve come to the realization that I will not be able to go to Texas this year as I planned.  Right now with the COVID-19 still rampant it’s just too much of a risk.  I’m not concerned about contracting the virus for myself, but for others around me I am.  International travel at this time is almost impossible to do.  Even if we manage to get out of country, will we be allowed to come back?  Too risky.  I will have to find another way to manage with our Balikbayan status.  I’m hoping that the local Immigration Office will be able to provide some insight on what we should do.  I’m hoping that maybe a quick turn around to Singapore or Korea will be allowed.  I’ll keep you up to date on what I find out.  Maybe that information will help someone else.

This week weigh-in I’m calling a wash.  When I tried to weigh in the batteries in my scale were low.  I finally did get it to work, but I’m not confident of the reading (I gained).  After breakfast I did go downtown and buy new batteries for it.  Even though it was after breakfast I still checked my weight and it still was a gain from last week, however it was lower than the weight before breakfast.  I figure that if I still had not eaten breakfast, it would have been close to the same weight as last week.

So why didn’t I lose any weight this week?  I did my walking everyday.  I stayed away from the bacon and beer.  I’m saying that this week the reason is the fried okra.  We had it twice this week and I may have eaten too much both times.  It’s not as good as the fried okra we can get in Texas, but it’s still pretty decent.  It’s the only thing I can think of that I did that could have prevented me from losing this week.

It was pointed out to me that when you exercise you also gain muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  I knew both those things and would like to believe that this is what is happening to me.  There is not doubt that I feel better and others tell me that I look better, although it still doesn’t look good to me in the mirror.  I will continue on with what I’ve been doing and hopefully, in the end, it will be what’s right.

Speaking of the walking, we are now walking approximately 4 miles (6.45k) each morning.  We have our plan for the next few weeks for a route.  We hope that will be enough to make it to our 2 hour time that we want.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks we will have to start about leaving around 6 am instead of 6:30. 

It’s Saturday and my cheat day but I think I did too much today.  It is now about 7 pm and I just got back from Mango for my weekly beer.  I had some spaghetti before I left and I forgot about our motorcycle meeting there today.  There’s free food.  I didn’t want to eat anything but ended up eating almost 1/2 of what they had set aside for me.  It’s the first time I’ve felt really bloated in almost 2 months.  I hope I don’t end up paying for today on next Saturday’s weigh-in. 

Right now, in addition to feeling bloated, I feel hot and tired.  It’s too early for bed so I guess I’ll download some more movies, music and/or play some of my games.  Maybe even listen to some YouTube videos.  I’d watch a movie on my computer but I just might fall asleep if I do. 

I do not own or ride a motorcycle but they wanted me in the group anyway.  If they want me to travel with them, when they do travel, they will have to let me do it in a car or a sidecar.  I won’t be riding ‘bitch’.  They want me in the club, evidently because I’m a nice guy and they need someone that plays excellent music. 

Salamat Y’all

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