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Finally Another Post

Finally Another Post


Sometimes I wonder why I even have this blog.  I don’t update near as much as I should and it’s not like there is nothing to talk about, there is.  People coming and going.  People are going to the hospital and/or dying.  Mango is improving.  Travel plans are being made.  COVID is finally starting to lighten up.  Plenty of other things that I’m sure that I’ve forgotten about also.  I really need to get re-motivated and start doing a post in here at least once a week.  I’m pretty sure that if I could do it a few times that I would get back into the swing of it.

So many things have happened since my last post I don’t really know where to start.  I’ll just start rambling and maybe things will pop into my head.

Things here in Calbayog have eased up a little bit for COVID.  There are still a few places that require masks and shields but plenty of places have dropped the requirement for the shield.  As for the Philippines overall we can now travel within the Philippines without having to be quarantined when we arrive at another location.  They were having, at first, to do 14-day quarantines and then it went down to 7 days.  Now they have been lifted.  The people allowed into the Philippines have been authorized but not for everyone.  Mostly it’s for people that already have Visa’s and people that have family here.  People that are “just visiting” have not been authorized yet.  My cousin and his wife are just waiting for them to lift that ban and they will be on their way.  Well at least starting in June he can take time off his newest job and they will spend a couple of weeks here.  Our son is always thinking of visiting here but that’s after his trip to Connecticut & New York then another trip later to Puerto Rico.  It may be another year or two before he is able to visit here.

Restrictions have been lifted enough that next month my wife and the cousins will be making a trip down to Southern Leyte.  They will only be staying a few days.  They can do that now because no more quarantine.  That has been the reason they waited this long to go.  They normally go every end of Oct/beginning of November for All Saints and All Souls Day.

One of my expat friends here is in the hospital.  He has a bad infection and also needs surgery.  I’m just glad that he made it to the hospital.  He should have gone at least 3 days before he finally made it there.  He is one of the expats that does not have a lot of income so I’m thinking that he may end up needing help before it’s all over with.  I would show you a picture of what the infection looks like but it may gross out some of y’all.  If you want to contribute to his hospital fund let me know.  I will send you details on how to send it to me.  I’m going to be the one collecting any money and will bring it to him at the hospital or at home (if they let him out).  In the Philippines they normally do not let you leave the hospital until you pay your bill.  I hear you can sign a promissory note and they will let you go, but I have yet to experience that.   

Mango Lounge was totally shut down for about a week because of COVID but they are open again now.  They now have USDA steaks but only filet mignon, rib eye and sometimes porterhouse.  He also has started having a Diablo burger (feature picture).  It’s a spicy hamburger cooked with hot peppers and topped with ghost pepper sauce.  Christian also has perfected the way he wants his burritos to be, so we have those now also.  They are pretty much loaded and cost P200 each, 3 for P500 or 10 for P1400.  I suppose if I have a party I could order 20 or 30 of these and 20 or 30 tacos (P250 for 3).  Christian is debating on whether to have a special on tacos like he does for burritos but that has not been decided yet.  March 2nd (Texas Independence Day) would have been a good time for that but I thought about it too late.

My niece Grace has moved back to Calbayog to help care for her father who is fighting diabetes right now.  She has started an online business of selling mixed nuts.  She has all kinds she can get, including pecans, walnuts, hot peanuts, pistachios (with or without shells), almonds and cashews.  There are others.  If you are anywhere in the Philippines you can order them also.  Check out her page:  I sure love the pecans and hot peanuts.  Feel free to leave her a message, she’ll answer you and she a friendly young lady.  She uses the money she makes to help pay for her father’s medication.  She rarely goes out partying and when she does, she doesn’t stay long.   Actually her 28th birthday is tomorrow and she has no plans to go out celebrating.  She will stay here at the house to save what money she has.

I suppose that is enough talking for now.  Let me know if you want to contribute to my friend in the hospital.  I’ll send you the information to send any money.  I hope I will start doing at least 1 post per week.  I know there is so much information that I have to share that I just can’t remember right now.  I’ll take notes so I will have it for next time.  Thanks to everyone that is still hanging around this blog even though I’m so slow at recording information.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Who is the ex-pat that is in the hospital? Do I know him?

    • His name is Robert. I think you don’t know him. He’s only been here a little over a year.

  2. Love post. I still live in Texas. I was going to get a retirement visa for PI/ But, they suspended it. 🙁
    I want to come and live there. What’s some great cities?

    Thank you


    • You want to live in one of the big cities or smaller one? Personally I like our area because there are no volcanoes and we rarely get any big typhoons. We do have a problem with water pressure but that can be solved by getting your own tank, which I think I will end up doing next month or May at the latest. It’s an up and coming city. Still has some of the small town flair, but there is a mall and a large supermarket also. The airport is being rebuilt to become an international airport. If you have not been to the PI then I suggest that you at least come visit a couple of times to get used to the area you decide to retire to. Right now all visitor visas are suspended. As for the larger cities the only one I would NOT recommend is Manila. It’s a dirty, nasty city. Cebu & Davao are nicer large cities. I think you owe it to yourself to at least check out our city, Calbayog City, on the island of Samar. There is no Texas BBQ here, yet, but we are starting to get Tex-Mex and I’m working on the BBQ. Where in Texas do you live? I’m from Belton, just south of Temple and east of Fort Hood.

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