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Sad But Hopeful

Sad But Hopeful

Interesting or not, I need to post something before y’all get tired of not seeing new information.  All information could be helpful though.  

The biggest things going on around here recently are 2 deaths and 1 big hospitalization. 

The first one to occur was the hospitalization.  One of my friends, Robert, developed an infection and is being treated for it.  He is one of the lower earning guys here and needs quite a bit of help to get the hospital bill paid.  In case anyone would like to donate you can send the money via Western Union, Money Gram, Xoom, via this blog … whatever, to me, and I will be sure he gets it.  Or, if you’d rather, here is the Go Fund Me page I started for him:

The next thing to happen, on 28 Feb, Christian’s dad died.  He was a pretty cool guy and I enjoyed talking to him.  He was only 74 (really close to 75).  I won’t go into any details mainly because I don’t know a lot but I will say that I, along with many others around here, will miss him.  I did write a poem for him that Christian and his mom liked.  I suppose I could include that on here.  I’m not a professional poem writer by any means but I enjoy doing it from time to time.  It helps me cope and I hope that my words will be comforting to others.


He was happy and loved to smile.
He was very wise and versatile.
He never thought he needed to boast.
He was a great man, greater than most.
He was someone that I’m glad I met.
He is someone I will never forget.
He was the best husband and dad.
His passing has made all of us sad.
So no matter what anyone says
An awesome man was Dominador Gomez


The last of the three is that for the 2nd time since I’ve been living here, almost 11 years, our mayor was murdered.  This happened the afternoon of March 8th.  Actually they are just having his funeral today.  He is the one that took over the previous mayor that was murdered.  That happened back on April 30, 2011.  This mayor was actually on his last term in office.  Again, I don’t know any of the details so I will not speculate on the who done it or why it happen.  I can tell you that this mayor had Calbayog growing.  Since he became mayor we have had lots of businesses arrive here, with more on the way.  I guess we will see if that progression continues with the new mayor.

COVID is, of course, still with us here but it has slacked up a little bit.  We are pretty much allowed free travel throughout the Philippines again although some places still require tests and I think all places require the masks.  Some places even still require you to wear the face shield while in their place of business.  The last time I checked it was just Gaisano Mall, Super Metro and Mercury Drug (that I know of) that was requiring both.  I did notice that Super Metro no longer has the waiting chairs out front.  They were limiting the amount of people entering the supermarket.  I have not been inside recently but maybe they no longer require the face masks.  That would be a welcomed relief.  I have been in there twice having to wear the face shield and mask both times.  I do have a bit of a problem breathing after awhile wearing that stuff in there.

I hope this post was beneficial to y’all.  If you can, please make a donation to the Robert Fund (as I call it) because he is a pretty nice guy that has a multitude of problems right now.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Are you planning to start a You Tube Channel? I am planning to retire to the Philippines before my retirement age for Social Security. In the meantime I plan to use money from the sale of my house. And once I turn 67 to apply for my SS benefits.

    • I keep wanting to do a YouTube channel but I don’t know if I would devote enough time to it. Your plan seems like a good one especially if your email address is any indication. A 65 year old Pinay? Where in the PI do you think you will retire?

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