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Travel Troubles

Posted by on 09 9 19 in Featured | 0 comments

Several things to write about today.  None of them mind-blowing but I hope that the information will be something that helps someone...

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Marrying a Young Filipina

Posted by on 08 8 19 in Featured | 8 comments

[smartads] Interesting video, but no-where near unique. After watching this video I decided I really should do a blog post on this subject...

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Cruising Haircut Party

Posted by on 08 8 19 in Featured | 2 comments

[smartads] Today when I turned on my computer I only opened this blog.  I figured that if I opened anything else I’d get...

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Jeepney Ride From Hell

Posted by on 08 8 19 in Featured | 0 comments

[smartads] Riding in the local jeepneys is the least expensive way to travel the longer distances around here.  It’s not always a...

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My Computer Upgrade

Posted by on 07 7 19 in Featured | 0 comments

[smartads] Working with computers I was always good at.  Working on computers, I’m only fair.  Recently I had the inside of my...

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