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Possible Infection Follow Up

Posted by on 12 12 19 in Stories | 2 comments

It seems that the medication I was provided did the job it was supposed to.  The leg was infected, but the pills given me took care of...

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Possible Infection

Posted by on 12 12 19 in My Stories | Comments Off on Possible Infection

Well it seems that the scrap I got on my leg from my dream might have infected my leg. The “I Had A Dream” post.  They tried...

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I Had A Dream

Posted by on 11 11 19 in My Stories, Stories | 4 comments

I’m assuming that everyone has had some realistic dreams at times.  You know, the dreams that you don’t know that you are...

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Pimple Choker

Posted by on 03 3 19 in Stories | 4 comments

[smartads] Strange things happen to each of us from time to time and I had one of them happen to me recently.  Something that evidently...

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My First PI Dentist Cleaning

Posted by on 01 1 17 in Calbayog Businesses, My Stories | 2 comments

[smartads] Today I went to the dentist.  My first trip to a dentist in way longer than it should be.  I have an aching tooth.  It’s...

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