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In Search of … A Niche and A Life

Posted by on 03 3 12 in Calbayog, Featured | 4 comments

[smartads] You know the saying that “Good guys finish last”?  Well I’m starting to believe that is the truth.  Today was...

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Short Brown Beach Out

Posted by on 02 2 12 in Calbayog, Featured | 24 comments

  [smartads] Wow!  Would you believe that this was barely over 1 page of notes?  I did some adding and rambling in this one.  Hope it...

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Hot and Wet with the Dogs

Posted by on 01 1 12 in Calbayog, Featured | Comments Off on Hot and Wet with the Dogs

[smartads] Upon the completion of the last post I was praising the food at Marcial’s Grille here in Calbayog.  That has not...

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Sunday – 27 Mar 2011

Posted by on 03 3 11 in Calbayog | 8 comments

[smartads] These pictures were taken right out side our front door.  That window there goes to our kitchen area.  The front door is to the...

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Tuesday – 22 Feb

Posted by on 02 2 11 in Calbayog | 6 comments

[smartads] This is the hotel that Pepsico put it’s employees in during the conference they had in Boracay.  Fran Jessy Trading...

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