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Large Notebook Eating in a Dream

Posted by on 02 2 12 in Calbayog, Featured | Comments Off on Large Notebook Eating in a Dream

[smartads] Another day, another notebook.  This time I’m using a letter sized notebook instead of one of those small ones.  I just...

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Quezon Off You Tube #1

Posted by on 11 11 11 in Calbayog, Featured | Comments Off on Quezon Off You Tube #1

  [smartads] Well I did get this post out a little faster than I have been lately and I still got some good information to relay to...

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Friday – 2 Sep 2011

Posted by on 09 9 11 in Calbayog | 5 comments

[smartads] Cavite is province #25 of 80 and it is one of the ones that is very popular with foreigners.  It is a thriving metropolis and...

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Saturday – 20 Aug

Posted by on 08 8 11 in Calbayog | 6 comments

  [smartads] Of course this makes #12 of 80.  Sorry to be late on this post, but the computer died on me.  It was down Saturday night...

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Monday – 25 Jul 2011

Posted by on 07 7 11 in Calbayog | 18 comments

  [smartads] As you may have been able to tell by now, I am featuring the 17 different Regions of the Philippines.  There are 14...

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