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2014 – The Last 10 Days

Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 in Featured | 5 comments

  22 Dec Another beginning of a day without internet.  If they don’t have it up by lunch I’m heading back to their office...

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Philippine Christmas and Caroling

Posted by on Dec 27, 2014 in Featured | 8 comments

  Christmas.  It’s the time of year that brings joy to the Philippines and to the whole world.  Too bad it only seems to last the...

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Zine Entry #63 – Improvements and Self Improvement

Posted by on Dec 27, 2013 in Expat Sites | 6 comments

  I hope that you were able to read my last post Zine Entry #62 – Power Me Up Scott.  It had some good stuff in there I...

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Zine Entry #60 – Pot Luck Phone

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in Expat Sites | Comments Off on Zine Entry #60 – Pot Luck Phone

  Time to relay more information on our continuing power outage saga.  The previous entry can be read at this link Zine Entry #59...

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Marlou and Chiqui Wedding

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Calbayog, Featured | 16 comments

  On 27 Dec, around 1145 Jun, Jason, Jhunnel and Tintin showed up from Tacloban.  They are here for Marlou and Chiqui’s wedding...

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