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Plants, UPS and Security

Posted by on 05 5 16 in Featured | Comments Off on Plants, UPS and Security

  [smartads] My computer UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) was giving me problems this morning (14 Apr).  The alarm was going off on...

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12 Nov – One Busy Morning

Posted by on 11 11 15 in Featured | 2 comments

  [smartads] Things got started early this morning.  And when I say early, I do mean early.  Although I did not go to bed until...

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Wide Highway, Short Build

Posted by on 05 5 15 in Featured | 12 comments

  [smartads] If you have been reading the posts here, you will know that the city is planning on expanding the highway the runs in...

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Poppa, Pope and Popping

Posted by on 01 1 15 in Featured | 4 comments

  [smartads] So now we are about half way through the first month of 2015 because it is the 15th.  Today, for some reason, I decided...

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Backing Up to Power Back Up

Posted by on 01 1 15 in Featured, My Stories | Comments Off on Backing Up to Power Back Up

  [smartads] Let me back up here a little bit.  I have a couple of little stories I’d like to share with you about the day our power...

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