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Finally Another Post

Posted by on 03 3 21 in Calbayog | 4 comments

  Sometimes I wonder why I even have this blog.  I don’t update near as much as I should and it’s not like there is...

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Fantasy Mother Mango Fly

Posted by on 05 5 20 in Featured | Comments Off on Fantasy Mother Mango Fly

9 May.  I just found out that there are children in the world that do not like PB&J’s.  They are not allergic, they just...

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Mango Lounge – Expat Hangout

Posted by on 05 5 18 in Featured | 2 comments

[smartads] It seems that every location has that one place that a lot of expats like to gather for one reason or another.  Maybe...

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Mish Mash

Posted by on 03 3 18 in Featured | Comments Off on Mish Mash

[smartads] Yes, I know, long time no hear.  I haven’t been getting out of the house much recently.  I go downtown 2-4 times per...

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Titing’s Birthday Party

Posted by on 06 6 17 in Featured | 4 comments

[smartads] Celebrating our cousin Titing’s birthday, our second party for the month of June was on the 18th. The party was at...

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