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Our Long, Short Space A Trip 9

Posted by on 10 10 16 in Featured | Comments Off on Our Long, Short Space A Trip 9

[smartads] Continuing with our journey to get back to the Philippines from Okinawa, after we decided to give up trying to get to Texas due...

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Plants, UPS and Security

Posted by on 05 5 16 in Featured | Comments Off on Plants, UPS and Security

  [smartads] My computer UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) was giving me problems this morning (14 Apr).  The alarm was going off on...

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Sad Happy News

Posted by on 11 11 15 in Featured | 6 comments

  [smartads] The beginning of another rainy day in Calbayog.  I’ve got a few notes and they should be plenty for a decent post....

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UJ Space A Info Info

Posted by on 06 6 15 in My Stories | Comments Off on UJ Space A Info Info

  [smartads] I have been having such a good blog day today, so I just had to write a special post for it.  I have gotten more than...

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Smith and Tears

Posted by on 03 3 15 in Featured | 2 comments

  [smartads] It’s been pretty dead around here recently, but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.  Sometimes it good...

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