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Woman Shot, Security Guard Jailed

Posted by on 02 2 14 in Featured | 4 comments

[smartads] During some pillow talk last night I found out something interesting from my wife, she’s the only one I have pillow talk...

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Texas Trip Through Day 4

Posted by on 06 6 12 in Travels | 3 comments

[smartads] At the end of the last post I left you hanging at the gate of Fort Hood wondering if that was actually my Mom and Dad at the...

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Tuesday – 19 Apr

Posted by on 04 4 11 in Calbayog | Comments Off on Tuesday – 19 Apr

[smartads] I’ve had this picture on here before, not too long ago, but I like it and decided to give it a feature spot before I...

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Sunday – 10 Oct 10

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | 9 comments

  [smartads] I was so tired when I got up at 0717, but I did it anyway.  Again today I do not have too many subjects on my list....

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Texan in the Philippines