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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

Miraculous Hot Springs Video

Posted by on 11 11 15 in Videos | Comments Off on Miraculous Hot Springs Video

  [smartads] Miraculous Hot Sprints   Tags: Calbayog, Calbayog City, Hot, Miraculous, Philippines, Samar,...

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Our New Hot Water Heater

Posted by on 02 2 14 in Featured | 4 comments

I was going to just make this a note in my regular Zine entry, but it seemed to have enough information to become it’s own story. I...

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Rich Driver Cleaning the Draft

Posted by on 03 3 12 in Calbayog, Featured | Comments Off on Rich Driver Cleaning the Draft

  [smartads] I’m glad that this post will not be too long.  I am still a day behind in posting, but it seems that my line...

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Blog Eyes and Hot Chatty

Posted by on 02 2 12 in Calbayog | 4 comments

  [smartads] This morning kind of started twice for me.  I got up around 0638 and was going to stay up and even almost opened the...

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Short, Tired, Greedy Beggars

Posted by on 01 1 12 in Calbayog, Featured | 8 comments

  [smartads] This is going to probably be the shortest post I have ever done.  I may start babbling and make it longer, but...

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