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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

The Cousin is Coming, The Cousin is Coming

Posted by on 05 5 19 in Featured | 2 comments

[smartads] Recently I mentioned that I have a cousin (cuz) that will be visiting me here in the Philippines later this year.  We now have...

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My Dinner Threesome

Posted by on 08 8 17 in Featured | 6 comments

[smartads] Recently I had a dinner date with 2 beautiful women.  I didn’t even have to pay for the meal or even drive to the...

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Valentine’s Day 2017

Posted by on 02 2 17 in Featured | Comments Off on Valentine’s Day 2017

  [smartads] Today was Valentine’s Day here in the Philippines.  As usual we went out to eat.  What is not usual though is we...

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Lost and Found Notes

Posted by on 02 2 17 in Featured | Comments Off on Lost and Found Notes

  [smartads] Recently, this past September, my wife and I were on a little Space A trip.  It didn’t go exactly as planned, but...

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Parties, Malls and Parties

Posted by on 02 2 17 in Featured | 6 comments

  [smartads] Since it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post, I figured I’d bring you up to date on some things going...

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