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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

Friday – 3 Dec 2010

Posted by on 12 12 10 in Calbayog | 7 comments

[smartads] First thing I’d like to do is to apologize for the 1 Dec post being late.  I actually finished it early, I just forget to...

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Thursday – 11 Nov 2010

Posted by on 11 11 10 in Calbayog | 6 comments

[smartads] As you look at this picture below you can view a short video that I have put under Philippine Cities and Towns, if you desire...

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Sunday – 10 Oct 10

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | 9 comments

  [smartads] I was so tired when I got up at 0717, but I did it anyway.  Again today I do not have too many subjects on my list....

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Monday – 4 Oct 2010

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | 5 comments

  [smartads] Lita came in to wake me up at exactly 0730 this morning.  She wanted me to get up and get ready to go downtown.  Well I...

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