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Philippines to Texas-Journey into the Unknown

Posted by on 11 11 17 in Featured, Travels | 8 comments

Day 1 – We did it again, but never again, probably. As far as journeys go, this one started out simple enough.  Both my wife and I...

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Pizza Shuttle to GPO Mall

Posted by on 11 11 14 in Travels | 2 comments

  [smartads] So we were upstairs in our at the Days Inn Guam taking a nap.  I had pretty much wore myself out walking, and I’m...

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Guam Money, Food and Beer

Posted by on 10 10 14 in Travels | 4 comments

  [smartads] So did I finally find a solution to my money exchange problem?  Will I finally find a way to exchange our pesos to...

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Zine Entry #17

Posted by on 05 5 13 in Expat Sites | 11 comments

  [smartads] Although I never got all the details, it seems that someone on a motorcycle in front of the other Our Daily Bread...

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A Subway in Calbayog?

Posted by on 03 3 13 in Calbayog, Featured | 6 comments

  [smartads] At the end of the last post I mentioned that I have been sending out e-mails again.  The places that I have been sending...

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Texan in the Philippines