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Texas Islander Post

Posted by on 06 6 19 in Featured | 0 comments

[smartads] Evidently, I’m running a little late with this post, but it’s better than the times I was going for a month or two...

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Poem, Wedding and Parties

Posted by on 06 6 19 in Featured | 4 comments

[smartads] Recently Christian at Mango finally did something that he said he would do long ago.  He always does what he says he’s...

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Our 39th Anniversary Meal

Posted by on 04 4 19 in Featured | 8 comments

[smartads] Today, 7 April 2019, is my wife’s and my 39th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate I decided to take her out to her...

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Birthday and Super Bowl but Still no Internet

Posted by on 02 2 19 in Featured | 3 comments

[smartads] Getting you updated on recent events before continuing with my story about my recent internet troubles. There has not been too...

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Got Internet Yet?

Posted by on 01 1 19 in Featured | 0 comments

[smartads] Really?  It’s been 2 weeks since my last post?  I am so out of touch sometimes.  I really wonder if I should even...

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