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Posted by on May 16, 2018 in Featured | Comments Off on FPO

Pure laziness.  That’s what has kept me from updating this blog more consistently.  It’s been about a month since I’ve...

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Philippines to Texas Journey into the Unknown – 2

Posted by on Dec 12, 2017 in Featured, Travels | 8 comments

Definitely, I have been extra lazy and have not posted anything for awhile.  Sorry about that.  It was another one of those times that it...

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Our 2015 Journey 2

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Featured, Travels | 9 comments

  Okay, so a quick review.  Lita and I are on the way to Clark in Angeles City to try to catch a HOP out for our annual balikbayan...

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American Troops in the Philippines

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Featured | 24 comments

  I’m really struggling with something here and I thought I’d get it out in a post to see if I can get someone out there...

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UJ Space A Info Info

Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in My Stories | Comments Off on UJ Space A Info Info

  I have been having such a good blog day today, so I just had to write a special post for it.  I have gotten more than double my 2nd...

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Texan in the Philippines