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From Where I Left Off

Posted by on 05 5 20 in Featured | Comments Off on From Where I Left Off

Around 5:30 pm our power had about 10 glitches, surges and outages for about a half hour.  At 6 pm the power went out and it stayed out...

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Mango Internet Cheese

Posted by on 04 4 20 in Featured | Comments Off on Mango Internet Cheese

I was without internet AGAIN for about 10 days altogether recently.  Seven of those days were all in a row.  I think they finally figured...

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Parties, Malls and Parties

Posted by on 02 2 17 in Featured | 6 comments

  [smartads] Since it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post, I figured I’d bring you up to date on some things going...

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Titing’s Birthday Dinner

Posted by on 06 6 16 in Featured | 2 comments

  [smartads] Today was the day we were able to take Titing out to eat for his birthday.  Since it is for him, we let him decide where...

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Tacloban and Back

Posted by on 04 4 15 in Featured | 2 comments

  [smartads] Before I get started on this post I would like to share a few links that I came across that discuss retirement in the...

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