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Waterfront Vacation Home for Sale

Posted by on 04 4 20 in Featured | 2 comments

A friend of mine, with the same last name but no relation, is selling their house here in Calbayog.  I’ve been in this house several...

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Real Estate and Memories

Posted by on 06 6 15 in Featured | 8 comments

  [smartads] Real Estate Today I found out something and I found a couple of somethings.  The found out something has to do with...

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Malajog Beach House for Sale

Posted by on 01 1 15 in Featured | 4 comments

[smartads] Have you ever wanted a house on the beach front?  Well there is an excellent one that is for sale here in Calbayog.  Whether...

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Property in Calbayog

Posted by on 03 3 14 in Calbayog, Featured | Comments Off on Property in Calbayog

[smartads] I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to write this post.  I don’t have much information, but I do...

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For Sale: Nissan Patrol

Posted by on 10 10 13 in Featured | Comments Off on For Sale: Nissan Patrol

  [smartads] Well my Nissan Patrol is paid for now so it is officially up for sale.  We bought it but rarely used it.  We just...

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