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No Power Word Power

Posted by on 12 12 14 in Featured | 3 comments

[smartads] ANNOUNCEMENT:  Larry and Dorie Jackson will be having a party at their house on Malajog Beach.  The date is 27 Dec.  The time,...

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Tripping To Manila

Posted by on 10 10 14 in Travels | 12 comments

  [smartads] Before I continue with our latest trip to Texas, I would like to mention something about the cell phones here in the...

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Zine Entry #9

Posted by on 04 4 13 in Expat Sites | 5 comments

  [smartads] I’m just glad that people read my blog and appreciate the ones that let me know what they think of it.  Although...

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Zine Entry #5

Posted by on 03 3 13 in Expat Sites | Comments Off on Zine Entry #5

  [smartads] Well I told you that I would be doing a lot of streamlining on the blog and that is just exactly what I did.  I did...

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Calbayog Update Hodgepodge – Finale

Posted by on 01 1 13 in Calbayog, Featured | 3 comments

[smartads] Okay let’s get this final portion of these updates done.  As suspected I did get a couple more interesting things that...

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