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Texas Trip After Day 6

Posted by on 08 8 12 in Travels | 6 comments

[smartads] I’ve already lost track of  how many days it has been, but I think we are on Day 9.  The last couple of days I have been...

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Tricare for Burned Vegetables

Posted by on 02 2 12 in Calbayog, Featured | 8 comments

[smartads] I got up, I went to the CR, I’m in the computer room.  That’s all the same stuff so I got that out of the way.  Now...

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Saturday – 4 Dec 2010

Posted by on 12 12 10 in Calbayog | 4 comments

[smartads] I found a picture of one of the rooms at the new Ciriaco Hotel and Resort.  It is at this link:...

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Friday – 29 Oct 2010

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | Comments Off on Friday – 29 Oct 2010

  [smartads] Hits when I went to bed were at 22164 and went up 110 to 22274 when I checked again this morning around 0650.  The...

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Friday – 8 Oct 2010

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | 4 comments

  [smartads] Lita woke me up this morning at 0715 to tell me about her blood sugar.  It was lower than it was last week, but still...

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