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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

Saturday – 4 Dec 2010

Posted by on 12 12 10 in Calbayog | 4 comments

[smartads] I found a picture of one of the rooms at the new Ciriaco Hotel and Resort.  It is at this link:...

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Saturday – 20 Nov 2010

Posted by on 11 11 10 in Calbayog | 10 comments

  [smartads] This is a very easy Philippine quiz.  Most people should be able to get at least half of them right.  You Filipinos out...

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Saturday – 13 Nov

Posted by on 11 11 10 in Calbayog | 5 comments

  [smartads] People in the Philippines can come up with all kinds of ideas to make money.  Lita gave him P70 and 1 ice candy.  Titing...

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Thursday – 11 Nov 2010

Posted by on 11 11 10 in Calbayog | 6 comments

[smartads] As you look at this picture below you can view a short video that I have put under Philippine Cities and Towns, if you desire...

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Sunday – 31 Oct 2010

Posted by on 10 10 10 in Calbayog | Comments Off on Sunday – 31 Oct 2010

  [smartads] This morning saw me greeting the day around 0730.  I forget to write down the time today.  Lita had me make a batch of...

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